News Room
2016 Annual Meeting
March 23, 2016
Poweshiek Iowa Development held its 12th annual meeting on Tuesday, March 22nd at the Montezuma Memorial Hall in Montezuma. Around 65 guests welcomed Todd Linden, President and CEO of Grinnell Regional Medical Center.
Larry Boesenberg, Chair of Poweshiek Iowa Development, welcomed guests and introduced the current board of directors. Laura Manatt, Executive Director, presented the current initiatives and the annual report, including an update on the Site Certification and the Iowa Reinvestment Act applications that are currently under review, and the high school internship pilot program that just launched this month. Larry then turned the podium over to Trevor White to hold board elections. A motion was made by Brian Manatt, seconded by Kay Cmelik to nominate Jeff Menary for a second 3-year term and Larry Boesenberg and Mike Geiger for a third 3-year term. Motion carried and all three were voted on for another 3-year term.
Todd Linden, President and CEO of Grinnell Regional Medical Center, then spoke about the economic impact of the hospital to the Poweshiek County community. Each year the Iowa Hospital Association provides an annual report that focuses on the Economic Impact of the Hospital. Grinnell Regional Medical Center employs approximately 400 people and this year the economic impact of the hospital on our communities was around $26 Million. If the sales tax generator and a multiplier for all medical services in our communities is figured in, there is an overall impact of $65 Million dollars because of healthcare in our county. In addition to the Economic Impact, Todd spoke about many of the initiatives and challenges for the hospital moving forward. He also explained to the group several state-of-the-art studies the hospital is participating in and the overall impact these studies will make not only in the medical field but throughout the world. In closing, Todd spoke about the future of the hospital and the partnerships locally, regionally, and legislatively that will be crucial to the hospitals success moving.