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Alliant EnergyContact:   
4902 North Biltmore Lane
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: (800) 255-4268
Fax: (608) 458-0100

Alliant Energy Corporation is an energy holding company. Providing Midwest utility customers with safe and reliable electric and natural gas services is our top priority.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin. General offices are located in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Iowa; utility operation facilities are located in communities throughout our utility service territory in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Full-time employees = 11
Part-time employees = 0

Brooklyn Municipal UtilitiesContact:  
Phone: (641) 522-9292

Brooklyn Municipal Utilities was known as Brooklyn Lighting & Heating Company, which was established in 1903. Current building housing the Brooklyn Municipal Utilities and City Offices was built in 1968.

Brooklyn Municipal Utilities has operated and owned City of Brooklyn's Electric Light Plant with generating capabilities since 1940 and their Natural Gas System since 1968. They have 4 full-time employees and are governed by 3 Trustees appointed by the City Council for 6-year term. They establish the City's rates and charges for these services.

Brooklyn Municipal Utilities also offers Electric and Gas rebates to customers within city limits.

Full-time employees: 4
Part-time employees: 1

Brooklyn Mutual TelecomContact:   
Marthina Korns
129 Jackson Street
Brooklyn, IA 52211
Phone: (641) 522-9211
Fax: (641) 522-5001

A subsidiary of Brooklyn Mutual Telecommunications Cooperative, Inter-County Cable Company was founded in 1992 for the purpose of providing total communication services to our subscribers. Our goal has been to offer quality cable television services at affordable prices.

Inter-County Cable Company's service area includes the towns of Brooklyn and Malcom. Head-end signal is also supplied to the towns of Victor and Ladora with the local channel being available to all communities.
Digital packages are now available to all communities.

TIP Rural Electric CooperativeContact:   
612 West Des Moines St.
Brooklyn, IA 52211
Phone: (641) 522-9223

If you receive your electric power from T.I.P. Rural Electric Cooperative, you are a member and part owner of a cooperative providing electric service to over 6,200 meters and over 1,782 miles of line. We are a progressive utility serving customers in Tama, Iowa, Poweshiek, Keokuk, Benton, Mahaska, Jefferson, Johnson, Wapello and Washington Counties.

T.I.P. Rural Electric Cooperative is a true cooperative, organized June 1, 1938. We are headquartered in Brooklyn, Iowa and are a private, non–profit electric utility owned by the members it serves and was established to provide reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost.

The T.I.P. Rural Electric Cooperative is also your Touchstone Energy partner, which is an alliance of local, consumer-owned electric utilities serving millions on businesses and homes across the country.

Full-time Employees: 24
Part-time Employees: 3